Fusion Group participation at the 15th COSIRES conference

Group photo of the 15th COSIRES conference.

Our Fusion Group was present in the 15th edition of the conference of Computer Simulation of Irradiation Effects in Solids (COSIRES), held between the 22nd and 26th of May 2022 on the stunning island of Porquerolles, on the southern Mediterranean coast of France. Our group member Julio Gutiérrez Moreno attended this meeting and presented our recent research on linear scaling ab initio simulations in a talk titled “Study of defects in tungsten from large scale ab initio methods“.

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The fusion group materials modelling work advances thanks to the support of IFERC-CSC

Julio’s presentation at IFERC-CSC Workshop for JFRS-1 2021 projects, given on the 13th of May of 2022.

About one year ago, we wrote a post announcing that a collaborative EU-Japan HPC project led by the BSC Fusion Group’s researcher Julio Gutiérrez was generously funded in a competitive call coordinated within the framework of the Broader Approach (BA) Agreement.

This year, we are again glad to announce that our new project for the year 2022, titled Multi-Scale Atomistic Tungsten (MSAW), has been awarded 267K node-h (~10,688,000 core-h) on the Japan Fusion Reactor Simulator (JFRS-1), located at the Computational Simulation Centre of the International Fusion Energy Research Centre (IFERC-CSC) in Rokkasho (Aomori, Japan). The complete list of funded projects can be accessed here.

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The 9th BSC Doctoral Symposium is back!

After two years of virtual conferences, the 9th BSC Doctoral Symposium came back as an in-person event that took place from 10 to 12 May in the campus of Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Barcelona, Spain. Over the three days, numerous students and postdoc researchers presented their work on a wide range of research areas ranging from Electronic and Atomic Protein Modelling, Earth Systems services, Propulsion Technologies and Computer Architecture to HPC techniques and algorithms in Computer Science.

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BSC’s CASE Department Retreat was resumed in 2022

Family photo of the CASE members at the Retreat 2022.

On Wednesday 18th of May the Computer Applications in Science & Engineering (CASE) department of BSC, to which our Fusion group belongs, resumed its annual Retreat paused since 2019. The full day event was held in the Vertex Building in the same UPC university campus where the BSC’s headquarters is located and was designed for newcomers to know all the department, and for everyone to catch up and bond after 2 years of predominantly working from home. Furthermore, it was an opportunity to have a first hand overview of the current state and future plans of the whole department’s projects and research, from the groups leaders and the head of the department Prof. Dr. José María Cela’s.

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Our participation in the UPC Fusion Technology Course

This spring our fusion group contributed for the seventh consecutive year to the Fusion Technology Course imparted within the Nuclear Engineering MSc at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain.

This course gives the students an overview of plasma physics and fusion technology, presenting a broad scope of topics, delivered by experts in each of the fusion fields covered, mainly provided by different institutions and companies.

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