One of the pillars of our group is the dissemination of knowledge in the fusion field. Therefore, we have participated in several media to achieve that goal. Next, there is a list of some of our appearances.



  • Els matins – Interview
    December 14, 2022. CATALAN. Full video at TV3.
    Dani Gallart, a researcher at Barcelona Supercomputing Center and EUROfusion project scientific coordinator, explains the reach of this scientific breakthrough in fusion inertial confinement that has been officially announced in the US.

  • EPS2020 – Presentation
    June 22, 2020. ENGLISH.
    Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) was chosen as the Local Organizer for the 47th European Physical Society (EPS) Conference on Plasma Physics on June 22-26, 2020, in Sitges, Spain. Our group participated in the organization of this event and prepared this video to present the event to the scientific community.

  • BSC Talks – Looking at the stars
    December 20, 2018. ENGLISH. Video from Barcelona Supercomputing Center.
    BSC researchers in the Fusion group Xavier Saez and Dani Gallart invite us to follow them on a trip to reach new clean energy inspired in the stars. Moreover, they explain to us the work being carried out by the fusion group in line with the EUROfusion roadmap.

  • BSC Talks – Looking at the stars. Trailer
    November 16, 2018. ENGLISH.
    A short video to present the fusion group candidature to give a talk in the “BSC talks” section at the BSC annual meeting 2018.

  • LAB24 – El nuevo MareNostrum 4
    February 14, 2018. SPANISH. Full video at RTVE.
    The new MareNostrum 4, the most powerful supercomputer in Spain at the service of science, is 14 times faster than its predecessor. Our research group appeared as an example of applying the new MareNostrum supercomputer to advance science.

  • El dia de l’endemà – L’energia
    June 26, 2017. CATALAN. Full video at TV3.
    Mervi Mantsinen participated in a TV program on Channel 33 regarding the prospects of fusion energy and its potential impact on society. The program was titled “El dia de demà” and is a documentary that investigates and discusses many possible future scenarios from the point of view of experts. The topics treated are various, ranging from education to energy sources.