FuseNet Teacher Day 2023

Teacher Day 2023 announcement

The FuseNet Teacher Day is an annual event organized by FuseNet which closes the gap between research/industry and high school education. Its main purpose is to motivate students in the rich field of fusion physics and technology. It is typically addressed to professors, who receive a nice set of educational material and a gentle overview of fusion technology on the shoulders of the main research labs in each European country. 

We are happy at the Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) to organize together with Fusion for Energy (F4E) the Catalan session, as done in previous editions (see here). This year the session has been covered by Dr Ferran Albajar (F4E) and Dr Dani Gallart (BSC). The Catalan session, which typically lasts 1 hour, is entirely devoted to the understanding of the key features and advantages that fusion technology has to offer. We also elaborate on the educational materials available and after that we engage in an interesting and enthusiastic discussion with all the audience. We appreciate the interest and the time that professors invest in our talk, and we hope all the material and motivation we try to send during the session is useful and ultimately transferred to the students. The students are the future of our society and so, of fusion technology as well. 

Given the relevance of climate change and energy crisis that the world is living in recent years, be it by geopolitical conflicts, natural disasters, or fossil fuel dependency, finding reliable, robust, safe, and clean energy sources is a top priority for the peaceful and sustained progress of humankind. This is the main reason why at the BSC we try to disseminate our work and be as close as possible to society and students in particular. Because the only way to advance is together. 

We are grateful to all professors who find some time in their busy schedule to hear what we have to say and to share the knowledge with their students. 

We are also grateful to Prof Marcel Costa (UPF) and Prof Susana Aranega (UB) who have helped us to reach our audience. 

To get the educational materials in Catalan click here, for the English version click here. 

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