JOREK code meeting at ITER with a guided tour of the construction site

This Lego model is currently held at the ITER Headquarters and represents a section along the meridional plane of symmetry of the ITER Tokamak.

In the week of 13th of March 2023, the 2023-03 JOREK Meeting took place at ITER. The JOREK code is one MHD code capable of modeling the plasma evolution and instabilities inside a Tokamak, and it is currently developed by a large community interested in plasma physics and actively used inside the ITER project.

Adopting such kind of codes is crucial to forecast possible issues that might arise once the experiments will start, and it is the only way that may allow the success of the project.

Starting from January 2023 the code entered the pool of codes under the attention of the BSC Fusion Group’s ACH project in collaboration of CIEMAT and funded by EUROfusion. Therefore, our group member Dr Federico Cipolletta attended the meeting on behalf of the group and gave a presentation entitled “ACH4JOREK – Free Boundary Matrix Compression”.

During the meeting, attendees had a chance to join a guided tour of the ITER construction site.

The Tokamak building (ITER)
The group of attendees to the 2023-03 JOREK Meeting starting the visit at the ITER construction site

Finally, it is worth reporting some key numbers about this great infrastructure that we learned during the tour:

  • 500 = companies involved in the construction process
  • 3000 < number of people actually employed in the construction site
  • 60 = meters of the height of the main Tokamak building
  • 10 = meters of the height of the Vacuum Vessel of the Tokamak
  • 17 = meters of the external height of the Toroidal Field Coil
  • 20 ~ meters of the total height of the finally assembled Tokamak
  • 18 = reference points to be respected when lowering each component inside the pit
  • 3 = cube mm of tolerance with respect to the above reference points for the final positioning
  • 2047 = Final date when the terrain occupied by the ITER’s project should return to France
  • 11 = the number of characters composing the best descriptive word for the ITER’s job…


The figures show components of the Tokamak currently under elaboration. The accurate assembling of all these components of the Vacuum Vessel around one central coil will finally create the Torus of Tokamak.

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