BSC fusion results at the ITPA meeting in Naka, Japan

Last week, 24-26 October 2016, our fusion group member Shimpei Futatani attended the ITPA Meeting in Naka, which provides a framework for internationally coordinated fusion research activities.

Shimpei gave an oral presentation on his work Non-linear MHD modelling of pellet triggered ELMs at the meeting. The work contributes to the physics understanding of pellet triggered ELM in JET and ASDEX Upgrade tokamaks and has been carried out within EUROfusion, the European Consortium for the Development of Fusion Energy.

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BSC Fusion Group at the IAEA Fusion Energy Conference in Kyoto, Japan

Kyoto International Conference Center.

This week, 17-22 October 2016, our Fusion Group member Shimpei Futatani has attended the 26th IAEA Fusion Energy Conference in Kyoto, which is one of the important international conferences in the field of fusion energy research. It provides a forum for the discussion of key physics and technology issues as well as innovative concepts of direct relevance to the use of nuclear fusion as a source of energy.

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Meeting of High Level Support Team


On 6 October 2016, our Fusion group member Xavier Sáez visited the Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik, Garching, Germany, to participate in the meeting of the EUROfusion High Level Support Team (HLST).

Xavier has presented the work developed in the group to improve the performance of SFINCS code. This code is a novel drift-kinetic solver which can be used to predict neoclassical flows in 3D magnetic configurations.

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