WPCD Code Camp at Innsbruck with Gloria Falchetto

This week, WPCD developers from all around EUROfusion countries have met at Innsbruck, Austria, in the last WPCD code camp of 2018. 37 participants have been working on various activities, all of them aligned towards the European integrated modelling efforts. Discussions have been carried out in the integration of codes within the IMAS (Integrated Modelling & Analysis Suite) ant ITM aiming to bring together codes from fusion research centers.

Albert Gutiérrez, on behalf of BSC, and as part of his EUROfusion Engineering Grant, has attended the Code camp. Albert together with Tomasz Zok have showed a presentation entitled “Remote submission on Marconi with SUMI and uDocker”. Their work has demonstrated the capabilities of submitting HPC workflows to remote HPC machines, mainly PRACE supercomputers such as MareNostrum 4 (BSC), Marconi (Cineca), Eagle (PSNC).

The challenges of the project involve handling heterogeneous supercomputers with restrictive policies, running the advanced and large IMAS library and easing the usage of complex and heavy systems.

This Code Camp has also been the last of Gloria Falchetto as WPCD leader. Michele Romanelli from CCFE will be her successor on the leadership of WPCD. Gloria has been the task force leader of WPCD for five years and she has been contributing for more than fourteen years to the integrated modelling efforts. From BSC we would like to thank all her support, help, and leadership throughout all these years. It has been a pleasure.

Gloria Falchetto.

Thank you Gloria and welcome Michele!

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  1. My pleasure! I am proud to have had the opportunity to bring forward the European Integrated Modelling effort, leading such a skilled and motivated developers’ pan-European team.


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