BSC at Fusion Materials Meeting


On June 7-9, the BSC researchers Georg Huhs, Stephan Mohr and Mervi Mantsinen from the CASE department participated in a EUROfusion meeting on fusion materials. Their presentation on Recent advances in large-scale atomistic materials modeling at Barcelona Supercomputer Center was well received. The meeting was organized by Prof. María José Caturla at the University of Alicante, Spain.

Materials research is a key topic for the European and worldwide fusion research programme as the technological feasibility of fusion energy depends on the availability of materials that are capable of withstanding the operational conditions of fusion reactors.

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BSC at Expert Meeting on ITER Neutronics


The XI ITER Neutronics Meeting takes place this week (the 23rd to the 27th May 2016) in Karlsruhe, Germany. Approximately 110 experts from around the world, including Carles Riera from the BSC Fusion group, attend the meeting to present and discuss:

  1. Recent results of ITER neutronics analyses,
  2. Nuclear integration issues for ITER,
  3. Developments in radiation transport simulation and modelling relevant to ITER,
  4. Neutronic experiments, measurements, and related issues relevant to ITER.

The meeting is organised by the Fusion Neutronics Group of the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT).

Source: KIT.

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The Symposium of Multidisciplinarity


On May 4th – 6th, the Barcelona Supercomputing Center held the 3rd BSC International Doctoral SymposiumThe opening was done by Mateo Valero,  founder and director of the Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

The Symposium, aimed mostly to PhD and Postdoc students, gave them an opportunity to show their work and understand more about the research done in different fields interrelated with High Performance Computing.

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Meeting on the JOREK collaboration

Last week, on 13 April 2016, our Fusion group member Shimpei Futatani visited the INRIA Sophia Antipolis, Nice, France, to participate the 2nd JOREK General Meeting.

Shimpei presented his recent work of the ELM triggering by a pellet in ASDEX Upgrade plasma. The visit was not only for the presentation, but also for the useful discussions with the fusion scientists and the mathematicians from all around Europe who work on the JOREK code.

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3rd BSC International Doctoral Symposium


The 3rd BSC International Doctoral Symposium organized by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center will be held on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May.  This event is mainly focused on PhD and Postdoc students who are given an opportunity to show their research work and share their ideas with a broad audience.

Divided in poster sessions and talks, the event promotes the communication between the participants, who normally have different backgrounds, facilitating the interest and learning of other research topics.

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