Fusion Group Member at BSC is awarded with a EUROfusion Engineering Grant

Schematics of DEMO fusion reactor magnet system (Photo: ansys.com)

Our group member José Lorenzo has been awarded with a prestigious EUROfusion Engineering Grant (EEG) for his project Structural Analyses of DEMO Magnets. The grant has started on January 1st 2020 and will last three years.

This is the second time that our research group wins this grant. Formerly Albert Gutiérrez was awarded an EGG for the project entitled Software Engineering: Development of High Performance Computing capability for fusion workflows, integrated to the ITER Modelling framework.

EUROfusion opens every year two calls for candidates to encourage excellence and career development of young engineers and researchers who are already in the programme and to attract high quality candidates from outside the programme: EUROfusion Researcher grants (ERG) and EUROfusion Engineering Grants (EEG). As a result of the last call, the ERG will fund 11 post-doctoral candidates for a period of 2 years in topics relevant to the objectives of the European Fusion Programme, and the EEG will fund 21 engineers for a period of 3 years for specific key areas defined by the EUROfusion Programme Manager.

José’s grant is framed within the activities of EUROfusion WPMAG (Work Package Magnet System), in charge of the pre-conceptual design of the DEMO magnet system. The project aims at assessing the structural performance of DEMO superconducting magnets and will be developed in close collaboration with other institutions: EUROfusion, SPC, F4E and ENEA.

Out-of-plane loads experienced by DEMO Toroidal Field Coil (Photo: ansys.com)

José Lorenzo is a research engineer at BSC Fusion Group since January 2019. For one year his activities have focused on the development of tools to simulate High-Temperature Superconductors using High-Performance Computing techniques in MareNostrum IV supercomputer. In the past he has participated in the thermal analysis of superconducting magnets for particle accelerators at CERN. He holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering from Universidad de Sevilla in 2014.

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