BSC Fusion Group Member wins prestigious EUROfusion Engineering Grant

We are very pleased to announce that Albert Gutiérrez from our Fusion Group has been awarded with a prestigious EUROfusion Engineering Grant (EEG) for his project entitled Software Engineering: Development of High Performance Computing capability for fusion workflows, integrated to the ITER Modelling framework. The grant starts on January 1st 2018 and will have a duration of three years.

EUROfusion opens yearly two calls for candidates: EUROfusion Researcher grants (ERG) and EUROfusion Engineering Grants (EEG). ERG funds 10 post-doctoral candidates for a period of 2 years for a topic relevant to the objectives of the European Fusion Programme. The EEG funds 20 engineers for a period of 3 years for specific key areas defined by the EUROfusion Programme Manager. This year more than 40 people applied and 20 people were selected for EEG.

EUROfusion Engineering Grant winner Albert Gutiérrez.

Albert’s grant is framed on the efforts of EUROfusion WPCD (Work Package Code Development) and ITER IMAS (Integrated Modelling and Analysis Suite). IMAS is a framework to support all the physics modelling needs of ITER. This framework involves several topics such as ITER Physics Data Model, Integrated Workflows or I/O infrastructure.

This grant will help to speed-up the research and understanding of high complex multiphysics systems by integrating supercomputing power to fusion workflows. These workflows will take advantage of PRACE supercomputers as MareNostrum and Marconi, which will be the references for the development.

This project will be developed in close collaboration with other international institutions in the field of fusion such as: EUROfusion, ITER, CEA, IPP, PSNC and ENEA/CINECA.

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