HPC-based Simulations in Fusion at BSC

On Thursday February 16 our group member Dr. Xavier Sáez gave a talk within the PATC course “HPC-based simulations, Engineering and Environment” at Barcelona Supercomputing Center.

The mission of the PRACE Advanced Training Centers (PATC) is to carry out and coordinate training and education activities that enable the European research community to utilize the computational infrastructure available through PRACE.

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Master’s Thesis Defense

Our Fusion group member, Carles Riera, successfully presented his Master thesis, titled: “Development of a Deterministic Neutron Transport Code Based on the Alya System at Barcelona Supercomputing Center”, based on the work he has been carrying out since last February. The oral exposition took place at the Faculty of Sciences of Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

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3rd BSC International Doctoral Symposium


The 3rd BSC International Doctoral Symposium organized by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center will be held on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May.  This event is mainly focused on PhD and Postdoc students who are given an opportunity to show their research work and share their ideas with a broad audience.

Divided in poster sessions and talks, the event promotes the communication between the participants, who normally have different backgrounds, facilitating the interest and learning of other research topics.

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