Barcelona Energy Days – The Energy Transition

The European Union leads the clean-energy transition, aiming to reduce its greenhouse-gas emissions in 2050 by 80-95% from 1990 levels, which means almost decarbonising its energy system. The strategies for this transition were discussed today at the Energy Transition Conference in Barcelona organized jointly by the local UPC Barcelona-Tech University, Fusion for Energy, the Government of Catalonia and the municipalities of Barcelona and Sant Adrià de Besòs.

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Presentation on TJ-II Alfvénic instabilities at Fast Ions Physics workshop

IPP Greifswald, Germany. Photo:

Our PhD student Allah Rakha presented his current work titled “Modelling of Energetic Particle-Driven Alfvénic instabilities in TJ-II plasmas” at Fast Ions Physics workshop (January 22-23, 2018), held at Max-Planck-Institut für Plasmaphysik Teilinstitut Greifswald, Germany.

The fast ion physics workshop was designed for the stellarator fusion community to envisage the studies of energetic particles for up-coming experimental campaign in July 218 at W7X stellarator.

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BSC Fusion group at the 17th European Fusion Theory Conference in Athens

Our PhD student Mr Allah Rakha participated in the 17th European Fusion Theory Conference (EFTC) 2017 in Athens and presented his results through a poster presentation titled “Modelling of Alfvén modes properties in TJ-II plasmas“.

Discussions with expert European fusion scientists and young fellows were very interesting and fruitful for my PhD studies“, commented Allah Rakha afterwards.

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World-leading fusion expert visits BSC

Recently, we have been honoured to receive a visit by Dr. Sergei Sharapov from Culham Center for Fusion Energy, UK, to BSC under the Severo Ochoa mobility programme. Sergei visited us for two weeks from the 23rd of October to the 3rd of November, 2017 to collaborate on the modelling of Alfvenic instabilities in the TJ-II discharges.

During his stay he also delivered a Severo Ochoa Research Seminar entitled “Magnetic nuclear fusion and fast ion driven Alfvén instabilities” in the UPC-Nord Campus organized by BSC.

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BSC Fusion group presents results at the EUROfusion material modelling meeting in Zagreb

Picture of the meeting, Source: Institut Ruðer Bosković, EUROfusion.

Last week our group member Marc Eixarch and his supervisor Stephan Mohr from the Material Science Group at the Computer Applications in Science and Engineering Department of BSC participated at the Fusion Material Modelling meeting in Zagreb, organized by EUROfusion under the Work Package WPMAT-IREMEV and held by the Croatian Fusion Research Unit. This meeting had the objective of sharing the new results on radiation damage in fusion materials.

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