Fusion Group participation at the 15th COSIRES conference

Group photo of the 15th COSIRES conference.

Our Fusion Group was present in the 15th edition of the conference of Computer Simulation of Irradiation Effects in Solids (COSIRES), held between the 22nd and 26th of May 2022 on the stunning island of Porquerolles, on the southern Mediterranean coast of France. Our group member Julio Gutiérrez Moreno attended this meeting and presented our recent research on linear scaling ab initio simulations in a talk titled “Study of defects in tungsten from large scale ab initio methods“.

Slide from Julio’s presentation, delivered at the opening session of COSIRES.

The COSIRES conference is a leading venue for presenting current advances in the computational investigation of materials under all forms of irradiation. The different sessions covered a wide range of topics, such as the development of novel ab-initio-based simulation methods, the study of irradiation effects in high-entropy alloys, and models for the formation and evolution of defects from neutron cascades.

The past edition counted around 100 attendees, coming mostly from Europe and the US. The program was distributed in three full days of talks and poster sessions, with one additional day for discussion and social events. Invited talks were given by Sergei Dudarev (Culham Centre for Fusion Energy, UKAEA), James Kermode (University of Warwick), Mike Short (MIT), and María José Caturla (University of Alicante), among others. More details about the programme, speakers, and presented abstracts can be accessed here.

Picture taken from Calanque de l’indienne, Porquerolles Island.

The conference was hosted in France for the first time, and the edition was postponed for two years with respect to the initially planned, after the last one in 2018 in Shanghai. The venue was brilliantly organised by Tom Swinburne and Céline Varvenne from the Centre Interdisciplinaire de Nanoscience de Marseille (CNRS / CINaM); and Alexandra Goryaeva and Cosmin Marinica from CEA Saclay. We are deeply thankful to the organisers for arranging such a stimulating conference in a really impressive location, as can be seen in the picture above. We look forward to starting and continuing collaborations with many of the people we met there, and of course attending future editions of the conference.

Source: sites.google.com/view/cosires2020

The webinar is organized under the auspices of the FusionCAT project with reference number 001-P-001722 that has been 50% co-financed with € 1.960.963,66 by the European Fund for Regional Development of the European Union within the framework of the 2014-2020 ERDF Operational Program of Catalonia, with the support of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

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