EUROfusion webinar series on GPU topics

EUROfusion has organized a series of monthly webinars to address several GPU topics to help the fusion community to use this architecture on new supercomputers. The webinars consist of talks from programing paradigms to the developers’ experience, vendors’ technical talks, etc.

All the talks are recorded and there are publicly available on YouTube EUROfusion channel. Presentation and questions slides can be found on EUROfusion website.

This series of talks started on 29 May 2020 with a talk was given by Isabella Baccarelli from CINECA on Marconi100 supercomputer. This talk was intended to provide in-depth study of Marconi100 and tips to EUROfusion users to execute simulations on Marconi100.

Other talks that have already been given include:

  • “Benchmarks and validation of the Marconi100 HPC system” by Serhiy Mochalskyy from EUROfusion HLST.
  • “Introduction to Kokkos” by Thomas Padioleau from Maison de la Simulation at CEA.
  • “Introduction on OpenACC” by Francois Courteille from NVIDIA.
  • “Vulkan Compute: An introduction to the fast, cross-platform and open-source GPU API” by Dmitrii Tolmachev from Forschungszentrum Jülich, Peter Grünberg Institute (PGI-1).
  • “Architecture evolutions for HPC” by Guillaume Colin De Verdiere from CEA.

The next talks will be focused on OpenMP for GPUs, and you will be able to watch them on the YouTube EUROfusion channel soon.

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