Our participation in the UPC Fusion Technology Course

This spring our fusion group contributed for the seventh consecutive year to the Fusion Technology Course imparted within the Nuclear Engineering MSc at Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC), Spain.

This course gives the students an overview of plasma physics and fusion technology, presenting a broad scope of topics, delivered by experts in each of the fusion fields covered, mainly provided by different institutions and companies.

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Diada de Sant Jordi 2022

On the 23rd of April is “la Diada de Sant Jordi”, the Saint George’s Day. This is a very deep-rooted tradition in Catalonia and one of its most special days. While in the past the tradition consisted of men giving women a red rose and women giving men a book, nowadays anybody can give a book or a rose or both to anybody as they wish.

Although is not a public holiday, all throughout the day, Catalan cities and villages are filled with stalls selling books and roses as well as people walking in search of a special book or rose to give away. It is such a very fun and festive ambiance that it is difficult to explain in words; it is best to come here to experience it for yourself!

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The BSC triples its members linked to FusionCAT project to develop cutting-edge tools by combining High-Performance Computing (HPC) with fusion expertise.

The Barcelona Supercomputing Centre -Centro Nacional de Supercomputacion (BSC) coordinates FusionCAT, an initiative that brings together seven Catalan institutions to collaborate in the field of research and development of fusion energy technology. The cutting-edge tools to develop are focused on High-Performance simulations of several coupled physics phenomena that take place in fusion reactors. These go from fuel production to energy harvesting, including plasma and neutron transport and new materials development.

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Come and join us to share and learn about the latest news, results and next steps in the global Fusion HPC landscape!

We here at the Barcelona Computing Center (BSC) have the pleasure to host the 2nd Fusion HPC Workshop as an online event with Zoom on December 2-3, 2021. This workshop follows the virtual 1st Spanish Fusion HPC Workshop, which took place on November 27, 2020 and attracted 183 registrations from all over the world.

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EUROfusion Advanced Computing Hub at BSC starts its operations!

Barcelona Supercomputing Center Advanced Computing Hub (ACH @ BSC) has started operating this July. The mission of this hub is to provide computer science, scientific computing and software engineering support for the entire EUROfusion theory/simulation program.

Initially, five simulation codes have been assigned to our ACH to give support to them in 2021-2022: ERO2, STELLA, SPICE-2D, KNOSOS and BLUEMIRA.

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