Our EUROfusion Engineering Grantee presents results at EUROfusion Annual Meeting

This week, from 14th to 16th December 2020, our team member José Lorenzo participated in the EUROfusion Work Package Magnets (WPMAG) Annual Meeting that took place virtually due to the travel restrictions associated to the covid-19 pandemics.

EUROfusion Work Package Magnets (WPMAG) is in charge of designing the magnet system for DEMO fusion reactor which is expected to supply net electrical energy from fusion reactions to the grid by 2040. Several research units from all over Europe (SPC, ENEA, CEA, KIT,…) are involved in these activities and experts in a wide range of topics related to fusion magnets and superconductivity presented their latest advances in cable R&D and tests, winding pack design, thermal-hydraulic and electromagnetic analysis, feeders, cryogenic system, and mechanics. Prospective R&D contributions to WPMAG mainly addressed High-Temperature Superconductors experimental studies and its application to Fusion magnets.

José presented his progress in the EUROfusion Engineering Grant (EEG) “Structural Analyses of DEMO Magnets”. His activities cover the electromagnetic modelling and mechanical assessment of DEMO magnets. Fusion magnets are subject to large magnetic forces inducing stresses and deformations that can lead to conductor degradation and failure of the hosting structures, hence the need to thoroughly analyze them as part of the design stage. For more details on José’s grant, please check this post.

We want to thank the organizers as the event ran smoothly and served the purpose of meeting the WPMAG community and sharing the latest results produced in the field of DEMO magnets.

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