WPMAG Meeting at ENEA Frascati

ENEA Frascati.

As part of his EUROfusion Engineering Grant, our team member José Lorenzo attended the Final Magnets System project (WPMAG) meeting 2019 held at ENEA in Frascati (National Agency for New Technologies, Italy) from 11th to 13th February. During three days, the participants coming from several research units in Europe (KIT, ENEA, CEA, SPC…) could present their progress on topics related to the DEMO magnet system.

Due to the high complexity of Fusion magnets, the talks covered a broad area of fields of expertise, such as prospective R&D, cable R&D and tests, winding pack design, thermal-hydraulic and electromagnetic analyses, electric circuits, feeders, Cryogenics, RAMI (Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Inspectability), Mechanics and Fabrication. WPMAG meetings are an excellent opportunity for researchers developing DEMO magnet activities to share and discuss their advances in the field.

José, as 2020 EEG grantee, had the opportunity to introduce himself to the community and present his work plan and foreseen activities. His project aims at assessing the structural performance of DEMO superconducting magnet system. This includes toroidal field (TF) coils for stable plasma operation, poloidal field (PF) coils to control the plasma shape and its vertical position, and a central solenoid (CS) which establishes and maintains the plasma current. Magnet structures need to be designed to accommodate loads in normal operation (gravity, thermal expansion and contraction, neutron heating, magnetic forces) and off-normal operation (additional magnetic loads arising during plasma disruptions and quench).

The goal of EUROfusion Work Package Magnet (WPMAG) is to deliver a feasible integrated concept design of DEMO Magnet system that meets the specified magnet system requirements. This includes, among others, analyzing and defining magnet system requirements, developing concept designs, producing a 3D CAD model, prototyping and testing components, preparing manufacturing feasibility studies and cost and schedule analyses.

A detailed list of the contributions to WPMAG meeting can be accessed here.

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