Welcome to the 2nd Fusion HPC Workshop 2021

It is our pleasure to host the 2nd Fusion HPC Workshop as an online event with Zoom on December 2-3, 2021.

This workshop follows the virtual 1st Spanish Fusion HPC Workshop, which took place on November 27, 2020 and attracted 183 registrations from all over the world.

This workshop covers all computer applications using High Performance Supercomputing (HPC) in the field of fusion research. These include, but are not limited to, numerical simulations in the following areas:

  • Energy and particle transport
  • Multi-physics modelling
  • Plasma turbulence and related transport processes
  • Plasma hydrodynamics including linear, nonlinear and/or extended MHD
  • Plasma instabilities
  • Edge and plasma-material interactions
  • Heating, fueling and current drive
  • Laser-plasma interactions
  • Fast particle physics and burning plasma issues
  • Scenario development and control
  • Fusion reactor materials
  • Fusion reactor technology

There will be four keynote talks:

  • Frank Jenko (Max Planck Institute for Plasma Physics)Accelerating fusion energy research through HPC”
  • Marina Becoulet (CEA)First principles modelling of magnetohydrodynamic instabilities and their control in magnetic fusion devices using HPC techniques”
  • Tomo-Hiko Watanabe (Nagoya University)Exploration of burning plasma confinement physics using the supercomputer Fugaku”
  • William Dorland (Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory) “First principles transport simulations optimized for reactor concept evaluation and for other faster-than-real-time applications”

The program will include also invited and contributed talks. Check the full program and timetable of the event by following this link.

The workshop is organized under the auspices of the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES). The language of the workshop will be English and it will be open to all.

Similar to the process for last year´s Special Issue in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion journal, selected presentations will be invited, by mutual agreement, to submit a journal paper after the workshop to a special issue published in Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion (IOP).

At the workshop, there will be four talks by the members of our group presenting new results obtained within the FusionCAT project. The talks are:

  • Pedro Bonilla “On simulation of multi-physics fusion phenomena with Alya, a multipurpose High Performance Computing software”
  • Ezequiel Goldberg   “Massively parallel deterministic neutron transport solver for fusion multiphysics applications”
  • Oriol Fernández  “Experimental validation of a new HPC modelling tool for HighTemperature Superconductivity”
  • Julio Gutiérrez  “Tungsten modelling from large-scale ab-initio methods”

We look forward to welcoming you to the workshop!

Source: BSC

The FusionCAT project with reference number 001-P-001722 has been co-financed by the European Union Regional Development Fund within the framework of the ERDF Operational Program of Catalonia 2014-2020, with the support of Generalitat of Catalonia. We acknowledge the access to computational resources at MareNostrum and the technical support provided by BSC (RES-QS-2020-3-0026).


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