Virtual tour to the MareNostrum supercomputer

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The Barcelona Supercomputer Center has enabled a virtual tour of the MareNostrum 4 supercomputer. This tour allows to discover one of the most powerful supercomputers in Europe located in the beautiful chapel of Torre Girona. The chapel maintains ornamental elements such as stained glass and religious images that can be appreciated in the online visit. Moreover,  the tour gives access to parts restricted to the public such as the inside of the supercomputer cage.

The MareNostrum supercomputer serves as a key research infrastructure in Europe. MareNostrum is opened to European researchers through PRACE (PaRtnership for Advanced Computing in Europe) granting them access to run scientific parallel codes. Spanish researchers can also request computing hours through RES (Res Española de Supercomputación), a network of supercomputing resources available in Spain. Moreover, MareNostrum is actively used by the many research lines developed at BSC including fusion in our group.

The tour is enriched with information about the supercomputer and white filled circles indicate information points that expose the characteristics of the supercomputer, as well as research developed in the center, with text, images and videos. You can navigate through the facility using the mouse or using the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • 1: Switch to Panorama view.
  • 2: Switch to Dollhouse view.
  • 3: Switch to Floor plan view.
  • R: Move up one floor.
  • F: Move down one floor.
  • W: Move to next location in front of user.
  • S: Move to next location behind user.
  • A: Move to next location to user’s left.
  • D: Move to next location to user’s right.
MareNostrum virtual visit popup description. Source

Source: BSC newsletter

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