BSC Severo Ochoa Seminar on the data analysis and modelling chain at JET

David Taylor during his Severo Ochoa Seminar.

The opening Severo Ochoa Seminar of this month at BSC has been devoted to fusion. The guest speaker was David Taylor, the responsible officer of the CHAIN2 suite of codes at the Joint European Torus (JET), who gave a talk on one of the main modelling tools at JET.

The number of experiments that are carried out at JET during a campaign is huge. Therefore, there is a massive amount of data that needs to be processed and analysed. This is automatised using the so-called CHAIN2.

The second processing chain (CHAIN2) consists of a suite of ten programs which together provide a full local analysis of the bulk plasma physics within the JET tokamak. After an experiment has been performed, CHAIN2 will run these programs to give an overview and first analysis of the experimental results. Among these programs, there are PION and PENCIL which are two codes being used and co-developed by the Fusion group at BSC.

David Taylor stayed in Barcelona for two weeks, from the 30th September to 11th of October, in the framework of the collaboration with the Fusion group. Our main tasks include updating PION in CHAIN2 for the forthcoming D-T campaign at JET.

We gratefully acknowledge the funding received from the BSC Severo Ochoa researcher mobility programme to co-fund his stay.

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