At the EUROfusion General Planning Meeting of Medium Sized Tokamaks

Dr. Mervi Mantsinen and Dani Gallart at the entrance hall of JET facilities at Culham, UK.

The General Planning Meeting (GPM) of the Medium Sized Tokamaks (MST1) was organized this year at at the JET facilities, Culham, UK. The meeting started with an overview of the present status of AUG (Garching, Germany) and TCV (Lausanne, Switzerland) tokamaks. They were followed by a presentation on MAST-U (Culham, UK) which will be back in operation next year with the new and exciting Super-X divertor. It will be able to drastically reduce the divertor heat load from particles leaving the plasma.

During the GPM a total of 26 MST1 high level topics related to experiments were discussed and plans for the 2017 experimental campaigns were addressed. Three members of the BSC fusion group, i.e. Dr. Mervi Mantsinen, Dr. Shimpei Futatani and PhD student Dani Gallart, attended the meeting. They participate in MST1 high level topics related to fast particle physics, ICRF and ELM and pellet injection physics.


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