Some highlights from the Fusion HPC Workshop 2021

The 2nd  Fusion HPC Workshop took place in the online format on December, 2nd and 3rd, with 217 registered participants from 31 countries all over the world. The event was organized by our Fusion group and Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC) under the auspices of the Spanish Supercomputing Network (RES) and in close collaboration with the international programme committee with several experts from our collaborator institutions.

The workshop covered all computer applications using High Performance Supercomputing (HPC) in the field of fusion research, giving an overview of the overall state of the research of the large scale fusion projects such as ITER and EUROfusion, as well as of the specific and most common lines of the research of fusion phenomena simulations (energy and particle transport, multi-physics modelling, plasma processes, heating, fueling and current drive, laser-plasma interactions, scenario development and control, fusion reactor materials, fusion reactor technology, etc.). The full program of the event is available here.

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FusionCAT Annual Meeting 2021

Today, November 23rd, our group participated in the 2021 FusionCAT Annual Meeting, which counted with the attendance of 41 researchers from different backgrounds, institutions and expertise. The main development areas of the project were explained and the current status of the ongoing research was presented. Comments, questions and constructive criticism were exchanged during the discussions, helping reach the overall conclusion that the FusionCAT project is progressing well and according to schedule. Each of the groups in the consortium achieved the technical objectives that were agreed upon, while at the same time participated in creating an active nuclear fusion community in Catalonia.

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The Fusion Group participated in the BSC-NVIDIA GPU Hackathon for HPC

Source: BSC

The BSC GPU Hackathon took place in the online format on the 25th of October and the first week of November. This multi-day event, co-organized by NVIDIA and Barcelona Supercomputer Center (BSC),  and promoted by Raise Center of Excellence, CHEESE and CompBioMed was a part of the BSCTech Hackathons 2021 series. Its main goal was to help teams accelerate their own code on GPUs using a programming model or machine learning framework of their choice under the guidance of expert mentors from national labs, universities, and industry leaders. Through the partnership with NVIDIA and OpenACC the event provided a thrilling opportunity for the scientists to test their applications and enhance their experience.

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Javier Santaolalla’s science communication videos on fusion and ITER

Source: Date un Vlog Youtube channel

Over the years, scientific research and advancements have been strongly tied to science communication. Although investing time and effort into developing the technical and physical knowledge that is necessary for science to progress, it is equally important to spend that same time and effort into properly communicating said progress to the non-scientific public. If this task is not taken seriously enough, we expose ourselves to the risk of misinformation spreading, leading to people taking important decisions with misleading information.

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