Our latest papers in Nuclear Fusion journal

The latest number  of the prestigious Nuclear Fusion journal co-published by IAEA and IOP Publishing is a Special Issue of selected papers originating from the 16th IAEA technical meeting on energetic particles in magnetic confinement systems—theory of plasma instabilities. Held in Shizuoka, Japan, on 3–6 September 2019, this meeting brought together about 100 experts from nuclear fusion research sites worldwide to discuss the physics of energetic particles and plasma instabilities, at the first joint meeting from the two scientific disciplines.

The Special Issue contains the following three papers with contributions from our group related to heating fusion plasmas  with electromagnetic waves in the ion cyclotron range of frequencies (ICRF) in ITER and JET.

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Our recent Nuclear Fusion journal paper on the modelling of ASDEX Upgrade tokamak plasmas

View from the ASDEX Upgrade Control Room.

Our journal article entitled “Shear Alfvén wave continuum spectrum with bifurcated helical core equilibria” has been published in the peer-reviewed Nuclear Fusion journal. Jointly published by IAEA and IOP Publishing, Nuclear Fusion is one of the renowned journals specializing in fusion plasmas.

The paper reports on the first modelling results aimed at understanding low-frequency Alfvén eigenmodes called beta induced Alfvén eigenmodes (BAEs) observed during monster sawtooth crashes in ASDEX Upgrade tokamak plasmas and their comparison with the experimental observations.

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Our four recent journal publications on JET results in Nuclear Fusion

Sample Nuclear Fusion journal.

Two members of our fusion group, Mervi Mantsinen and Dani Gallart, have collaborated in four recent peer-reviewed journal papers that has been recently published in Nuclear Fusion.

Nuclear Fusion is the acknowledged world-leading journal specializing in fusion. The journal covers all aspects of research, theoretical and practical, relevant to controlled thermonuclear fusion, and enjoys a high impact factor of 3.516 (2018).

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Our new journal paper in Nuclear Fusion

TJ-II stellarator at the Laboratorio Nacional de Fusión (LNF), CIEMAT, Madrid, Spain (Foto: http://www.fusion.ciemat.es)

Our journal article entitled “Modelling of beam-driven Alfvén modes in TJ-II plasmas” has been accepted for publication in Nuclear Fusion. Nuclear Fusion is one of the renowned journals in our field.

The paper reports on our modelling results aimed at understanding a certain type of energetic-particle-driven instabilities called Alfvén modes in TJ-II stellarator plasmas and their comparisons with experimental results. In particular, we have modelled Alfvén eigenmodes in TJ-II discharges with a dynamically changing magnetic configuration when both steady and chirping modes are observed. The modelled mode frequencies and radial locations are found to be consistent with the experimental findings. We also have drawn important conclusions on the properties of the energetic particles that are resonant with the modes.

The journal article can be found via this link.

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Our Nature Physics paper in the BSC News

Interior view of Alcator C-Mod (left) and JET (right) tokamak reactors where experiments reported in the Nature Physics paper were carried out. Source: Plasma Science and Fusion Center, MIT and EUROfusion.

Our group members Mervi Mantsinen and Dani Gallart have participated in the paper “Efficient generation of energetic ions in multi-ion plasmas by radio-frequency heating”, currently available as Advance Online Publication on the Nature Physics website.

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