Way forward for the ITER Plant Simulator


Present nuclear power plants make use of robust plant simulators capable of simulating the plant operation. In addition, these plant simulators are able to model possible accidents that could occur in a real situation. In this way operators can be instructed and acquire all the skills that they are going to need in the development of their job. Of course we are talking about “fission” nuclear power plants.

But what about “fusion” nuclear power plants?

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3rd BSC International Doctoral Symposium


The 3rd BSC International Doctoral Symposium organized by the Barcelona Supercomputing Center will be held on the 4th, 5th and 6th of May.  This event is mainly focused on PhD and Postdoc students who are given an opportunity to show their research work and share their ideas with a broad audience.

Divided in poster sessions and talks, the event promotes the communication between the participants, who normally have different backgrounds, facilitating the interest and learning of other research topics.

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Fusion Research on the Rise


Fusion Research is on the Rise concludes AcademiaNet and  includes BSC Fusion Group Manager Mervi Mantsinen.

The physics professors Sibylle Günter, Ursel Fantz, Mervi Mantsinen and Tünde Fülöp have a far-reaching goal: to build a nuclear fusion reactor that produces clean energy analogous to the Sun’s energy generation.

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