So you think you know all fusion devices worldwide?

IAEA’s Fusion Device Information System (FusDIS)

We are pleased to introduce you to the IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) fusion device map. This tool is really useful if we want to know where the experimental fusion research devices worldwide are located.

FusDIS (Fusion Device Information System) contains information on fusion devices public or private that are currently in operation, under construction, closed or being planned.

The devices are organized in 4 main configuration categories and it currently lists a total of 62 tokamaks, 12 stellarators/heliotrons, 7 laser fusion devices, and 31 innovative/alternate fusion concepts.

If you are interested in visualizing where these devices are, you can check the IAEA’s Fusion Portal and see what we are talking about. Pro tip: Try to zoom in if you cannot see a fusion device as it might be close to another one (and the pointers overlap), or simply use the search list. Enjoy!

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