Amazing Experience at IPP Summer University for Plasma Physics and Fusion Research

Yet another year, the Max Plank Institute for Plasma Physics (IPP) has hosted a Summer University at the heart of their facilities at Garching, near the German city of Munich. From 16 to 20 September, the course has covered the main aspects of plasma physics with emphasis on nuclear fusion, both theoretical and experimental results, and also boarding the subjects of energy production and the energetic challenges the close future holds.

One of our group members, Jordi Manyer, has had the privilege and pleasure to attend the summer school, taking place this week, and soak the knowledge some of the top researchers in IPP have to offer.

On top of the lectures, this fantastic experience has been completed by a wide range of workshops and activities, as well as the proximity to the beautiful city of Munich. Some highlights where the Energy game, an interactive workshop highlighting the challenges of energy production, and of course the visit to the in-house tokamak ASDEX-Upgrade, one of the most active and important tokamaks in the world. Unfortunately, Octoberfest did not coincide this year with the summer school…

The course has been a complete success, and the experience has been greatly enhanced by a wonderful set of fusion-enthusiast attendees from all around the world. We cannot do anything but recommend this fantastic experience to both enhance your personal knowledge and make friends with potentially the future generation of fusion researchers.

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