BSC Fusion research group in LAB24 TV program

On 14th February, our research group appeared in the Spanish LAB24 TV program as an example of applying the new MareNostrum supercomputer to advance science.

LAB24 is a TV program of the News area of Televisión Española (TVE) produced at the studios in Sant Cugat del Vallès, near Barcelona, and presented by Pere Buhigas.

The main purpose of LAB24 is spread science and technology for a broad audience. This program disseminates the work of Spanish laboratories and research centers. For this, it interviews researchers and experts from all branches of knowledge, with the aim of awakening the curiosity of the viewer for the scientific world.

The program explains all the details of the complex disassembly process of the MareNostrum 3 and the subsequent installation of MareNostrum 4. MareNostrum 4 is fourteen times faster than its predecessor and is one of the three fastest supercomputers in Europe. MareNostrum 4 is entirely dedicated to scientific research, and it has shown two examples of research groups that use currently the supercomputer. One of them is our fusion research group (from minute 7’44”).

Prof. Mervi Mantsinen, group leader, commented that Supercomputing is essential to perform our simulations since for example one of our studies takes 4 days on MareNostrum 4 supercomputer while on an ordinary laptop computer it would take hundred years to complete the same work.

Mateo Valero, director of Barcelona Supercomputing Center (BSC), has explained the role of BSC and the importance of MareNostrum 4 for the research. Mateo stressed that research performed in the centre is excellent while the most important is that this research is relevant for the society, i.e. it solves citizens issues.

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