Fusion for Energy celebrates its 10th anniversary

On Thursday the 30 of November, Fusion for Energy (F4E) celebrated its 10th anniversary with an event attended by 500 people in Barcelona.

Fusion for Energy (F4E) is an organization located in Barcelona, Spain. It was created in 2007 under the Euratom Treaty by a decision of the Council of the European Union in order to meet three objectives: providing Europe’s contribution to ITER, supporting fusion research and development initiatives, and contributing towards the construction of demonstration fusion reactors.

The Director of F4E, Johannes Schwemmer opened the event by saying “few projects in the world combine such ambition, cutting-edge science and technology and energy for future generations. Only by working together we will deliver fusion as a sustainable energy for the future”.

Johannes Schwemmer, Director of Fusion for Energy. Photo: F4E

The dignitaries that attended the event acknowledged the work developed by F4E over the past 10 years. The European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy, Miguel Arias Cañete, highlighted the human capital behind this one-of-kind project and wanted to “praise the work of so-many scientists and engineers, and the fact that countries, industries and research centres are working together to translate a common vision into a reality”.

The Mayor of the city of Barcelona, Ada Colau, explained that it was “an honour to host the European Agency and this was also proof of Barcelona’s commitment to science and innovation”. According to Spain’s Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation, Carmen Vela, ITER will “also open the door to the commercialisation of fusion energy by laying the industrial foundations in each of its parties”.

Johannes Schwemmer (Director of F4E, far left) accompanied by the dignitaries who attended the event. From left to right: Ada Colau (Mayor of Barcelona), Miguel Arias Cañete (European Commissioner for Climate Action and Energy) and Carmen Vela (Spain’s Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation). Photo: F4E

Source: F4E

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