BSC Fusion group at the 17th European Fusion Theory Conference in Athens

Our PhD student Mr Allah Rakha participated in the 17th European Fusion Theory Conference (EFTC) 2017 in Athens and presented his results through a poster presentation titled “Modelling of Alfvén modes properties in TJ-II plasmas“.

Discussions with expert European fusion scientists and young fellows were very interesting and fruitful for my PhD studies“, commented Allah Rakha afterwards.

Alfvén modes are a low-frequency electromagnetic class of instabilities, which degrade the fast ion confinement and result in poor performance. In burning plasma devices, i.e. ITER and beyond, it is expected that energetic alpha particles will heat the bulk plasma; therefore good confinement and the interaction of energetic particles with background plasmas are of the most important interest in fusion research.

The study of the properties of  Alfvén Eigenmode modes and their effect on fast ion confinement is deemed necessary for the enhanced performance of next step burning plasmas.

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